The goal of our brand of direct source non-timber forest products is to add value to the living forest through regenerative enterprise.

Our unique aromatic essential oils are meant to connect your senses to the Amazon.  Prepare to be transported. 

Camino Verde designs high ecological and social standards for the sustainable harvest of the plant materials that go into the making of our artisanal products. 

We offer premium rainforest products to world markets including a growing number of unique Amazonian essential oils and – soon – a range of innovative, beautiful handicrafts.  (You'll be able to find them here.)  We are committed to fairly paying the artisans who make the products we sell and reinvest a part of our revenues to support health, education and conservation needs in our partner communities.  

Essential oil production is handled by us, the Camino Verde staff, with sourcing relationships in several Amazonian communities.  As an inherent part of every Camino Verde endeavor, we partner with producer communities to plant the trees that go into these products. 

Please contact us about our products.

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