Agro-ecologists in training throughout the Peruvian Amazon, these farmers are the future of restoration

From Ampiyacu in the North to Tambopata in the South our partner farmers are part of a growing supply chain enterprise implementing the strategies that work to restore the Amazon while improving livelihoods for families and communities.

This program proliferates seedlings and training and connects farmers to markets throughout the Peruvian Amazon, helping establish robust regenerative supply chains.

A cornerstone of this initiative to date is our Artisan Outreach program, working with more than 200 Amazonian craftspeople to develop and market innovative fair-trade handicrafts.  Developed initially by our partner the Center for Amazon Community Ecology, our cooperative efforts with farmer families to grow rosewood and moena trees and harvest copal resin from primary forest have resulted in the production of high-value essential oils.  

Our outreach includes innovative and traditional agro-forestry approaches to increase the production of food and other products for family use and sale.  Most of our community partners are strategically located near major protected areas. Improving quality of life through the creative use of natural resources reinforces people's agency and efficacy as forest protectors.


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banner photo thanks to Andrew Schwarz