Our skills and experience

applied to your context.

Specialists in high diversity agroforestry and non-timber forest products, Camino Verde has helped companies, communities, and organizations to achieve their goals.

We see consultations as a way to extend our mission's reach, to replicate our successful models for reforestation in a broad variety of contexts.

Camino Verde was instrumental in shaping and building WildFF’s Native Seeds Project. I feel fortunate to have found a value-aligned and trusted partner to lead our initiative. In its 4th year, Native Seeds is thriving as a holistic approach, improving communities’ lives and restoring landscapes.
— Doug Sorin, Board President and former Executive Director of Wild Forests and Fauna

Camino Verde has provided consultative services in a wide range of ecosystems and socioeconomic settings, including Peru, Uganda, and the United States.  Some of our past work has been oriented toward:

  • grassroots community reforestation efforts focusing on medicinal trees

  • pioneering low-cost solutions for organic agriculture in the tropics

  • supply chain development and commercial production of non-timber forest products

  • and more

If you think we will be able to help with your endeavors, please contact us.

Camino Verde Consultations went above and beyond to mediate and facilitate the successful implementation of the Toucan Project. Thanks to their expert guidance, we confidently negotiated agreements, assessed land for reforestation, and established manageable goals to meet the needs of Indigenous People – and those of a globally valued and endangered tree species. We greatly appreciated the experience of working with such a knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and experienced partner. There is no doubt that our work with CVC has just begun.
— Dr. Kelly Ablard, Founder and Executive Officer of The Airmid Institute

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Some of Our Consultation Clients: